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Pawsitive Pet Project

One Bought, One Donated


The Bold Mission

Our goal is 1 million bottles donated to pet shelters around the country to alleviate animal suffering where possible.

Here's Dr. Patrick Goddard, a Veterinarian and Medical Director from a participating pet shelter who talks into depth about how hemp extract has helped animals under his care.


How does this work?

It's as simple as for each bottle of Hemp Extract for Pets sold, we add a tally on how many we will donate. Then each week, we ship out to pet shelters by need on our list.

We only ship to participating pet shelters on our list, check below how to add your favorite one to the list. Help us grow the list and increase our impact of reducing animals' suffering.


How can I get involved?

  1. We need to connect with more shelters. If you have a favorite one near you or your heart, please fill out this online form to help add it to our list. We cannot guarantee each one will make it, we need to connect with them and see if they're able and willing to administer it to the pets.
  2. You can purchase a bottle of Hemp Extract for Pets here to increase the stockpile for donation to the pet shelters.
  3. You can also share this with friends, family, and your pet shelters to see if they want to support this mission as well. The easy URL to share is
  4. You can help us leverage social media with the tag #PawsitiveDB on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Thank you for supporting the cause in whichever ways you do!
– Stefano & Leo

Photos by Alvan Nee and Stefano Creatini