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1,500mg CBD Oil – 2oz

1,500mg CBD Oil – 2oz

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A wholesome cannabinoid profile in a small package. Useful for taking the edge off and promoting tranquility in your daily life.

Natural hemp has an earthy, nutty, and slight bitter taste – you can add this to your coffee, tea, smoothie or even savory foods.

  • Full-spectrum: contains all its natural cannabinoids, including a microdose of THC
  • 25mg of CBD per serving
  • 1,500mg of CBD per bottle
  • Contains 60 servings
  • Comes with a 1ml dropper with measurements for precision
  • Contains less than 0.3% THC
  • Ingredients: CBD extract, organic coconut MCT oil

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
no title

i love it even the lotion.. i will order some more as soon i finish this one..thank you

The best one I've tried

I am loving Durango Botanicals CBD Oil. I've tried a lot of others oils, but this one works the best for me. I no longer use over the counter pain relief products for my back pain, I only use CBD. Work has been really stressful during Covid and I feel much calmer since taking this, it's made a big difference. It's so easy to use I normally just put it in my morning smoothie.

Results I didn't anticipate.

After a week of taking full spectrum CBD, I found I was able to sleep through the night and my arthritic pain was lessened. Years of sports have taken a toll on my joints. I am on my second bottle and hope to continue a path to a more comfortable life.

Serenity and sleep!

I can tell a huge difference in my peace of my mind. I have been putting in work in other areas like yoga, journaling, meditation but sometimes our brain needs a little boost of support. I feel much more calm on the inside when I had been fighting high anxiety and depression. It isnt a cure all but it is a perfect aide for my mental health routine. Also been able to fall asleep quicker and sleep deeper than I was before the oil. Ordering my second bottle today! Highly recommend this brand. Does not get better than supporting a farm family business and receiving organic products to boost your mood and sleep!!

Love It!

I love it and so glad I purchased when I did. 1 week and a half to 2 weeks after I received product, I tested positive for covid. Since using the cbd oil I have been somewhat calm and stress free. No major symptoms at all from covid. Is it because of using cbd oil? who knows and that remains to be seen. Just glad I had and was using because I personally think it made a difference for me.